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The Federalist Pens Papers#14

Posted by Federalist Frank on 2/14/2018 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers#14

Happy InCoWriMo!
(International Correspondence Writing Month)

It's February! Time to get out that pen, and write to a Pen Pal! That's what InCoWriMo is all about! You can find participants on pen forums, as well as social media! Write about your latest pen and ink finds, catch up on correspondence, or just doodle! It's all Good! ;-)
Write to: Federalist Pens, 100 Springdale Road Ste A3 #295, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 USA
I will gladly write back!

Frank Limper- Federalist Pens

Baltimore/Washington Pen Show
March 2-4, 2018!

The Baltimore Pen Show is less than three weeks away! The show is back in town at the Inner Harbor Marriot Hotel (near Camden Yards). The show was last in town several years back at the Fairmont Hotel (Old Masonic Temple off Light Street), and has been near the BWI Airport in recent years. I went to the Baltimore Show several years as a hobbyist, and this is my third show as Federalist Pens! Bert Oser (Bertram's Inkwell) is the host of the Baltimore Pen Show! This is the "Home Show" for Bertram's Inkwell, and this is always a good show! Well advertised, and well attended! 

Photo courtesy of  BWI Pen Show Site 

This is a new venue, so I cannot say where my tables will be situated. I have heard that there are two ballrooms, so the show should be as big (if not bigger) as in the past! We will be set up with 4 tables, and will have the Vibrant Pink Products from Lamy! We will also have the latest products from Laban Pens, Stifflexible Notebooks, and Robert Oster Inks (Among Other Items!). Speaking of Lamy- Look for an announcement soon regarding my door prize donation! 

Stop by my tables, and say "Hello"! I speak "Pen" of all types! See the "One Man Pen Store" (and his family..)  ;-)

The Federalist Pens Papers#13

Posted by Federalist Frank on 1/10/2018 to News
The Federalist Pens Papers#13

Happy New Year!

Another year in the books here at Fed Pens! Looking forward to our third full year! We added several pen and ink brands to the store! We even had our own ink named after Yours Truly(Frankly Blue- Thank You Robert Oster! So happy to be part of your success in the US!)!

Sitting here,writing and preparing for the Philly Pen Show this coming weekend! My Home Show, and the first pen show of the year in the US! Where else, but the "Cradle of Liberty" for my History-Themed pen store! Look for more surprises and new store products at the show!

Frank- Federalist Pens

2018 Philadelphia Pen Show

For the third year in a row, the Philly Pen Show is being held at the Philadelphia Westin Hotel. Franklin-Christoph continues to sponsor this first pen show of the year. Scott Franklin runs a great show! This show is well attended; not even a blizzard keeps people away! Luckily, the temps are predicted to be quite mild this coming weekend (The snow came this past weekend!)! ;-)

Visit our tables in the ballroom this coming Friday to Sunday- Jan. 12-14. Go to for more information.
See You There!

The Federalist Pens Papers#12 (Holiday Edition)

Posted by Federalist Frank on 12/14/2017 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers #12

Holiday Edition
Happy Holidays!

I want to personally thank all of you for another great year! We want to wish you and yours a safe, healthy, and happy Holiday Season! If you celebrate both Channukah and Christmas (like we do), it can be both a joyous and hectic time! 

So- Hug your loved ones, write a letter to those pen pals, and those you do not see all the time! Use your favorite pens!
Pull out that "Grail" pen you swear you will never use! 
It's the Holiday Season! ;-)

Nadine, Frank, and Mark

Holiday 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Federalist Frank on 12/2/2017 to News

(Toll-Free) 866-746-4900

Holiday Sale 2017
(Happy 2018!)

Our Black Friday Sale/Cyber Monday Sale ended Thursday, but the savings continue all month long in December!
This Holiday Sale- spend just $20 on store items to receive a 20% Discount at Checkout!
(No code needed- discount applied at Checkout)
Spend $50 or more to get FREE US Shipping! 
You STILL get a FREE Platinum Preppy with a $50 Purchase!
Order by 12/18 for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery!
(Order by Friday 12/8 for Chanukah!)

Shop Now! Save Big all month long!
Offer good thru 12/31/17!
Happy Holidays!
Happy 2018!

Frank and Family
Federalist Pens and Paper

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale at Fed Pens! Save 25% Off!

Posted by Federalist Frank on 11/25/2017 to News

This weekend- shop small (store), and save big!
Federalist Pens Black Friday/Small Bizz/Cyber Monday Sale!

Now thru Cyber Monday- save 25% (or more) Store Wide!
Spend $50 or more, and save 25% off at Checkout!
(Automatic Savings- no Coupon Code Needed)
Offer good on both regular, and sale priced items!

There's more! Enjoy FREE US SHIPPING all weekend on this offer!
Don't forget you get a FREE Platinum Preppy Pen on this Deal!

Thank You for Your Business!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Frank Limper
Federalist Pens

November Update!

Posted by Administrator on 11/18/2017 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers#11

Fountain Pen Day/Ohio Pen Show/Black Friday Weekend!

What a great month it has been so far! Fountain Pen Day was celebrated- at a Pen Show! THE- Ohio Pen Show (wink) was held 11/2-11/5, with FPD on 11/3/17! Cary has worked very hard to make this day a huge success- now truly celebrated worldwide! 
The Columbus Show will be held the first weekend of November for the foreseeable future!
This is always one of the best shows of the year! 

Black Friday is next weekend- along with Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday! Look for extra discounts, Free US shipping, and a Free Platinum Preppy Pen with $50 purchase all weekend! Celebrate Small Bizz Saturday- We encourage pen pals from the Mid-Atlantic to shop at Fed Pens. If you live in Philly/South Jersey, ask about local delivery!

October Update!

Posted by Administrator on 10/13/2017 to News
The Federalist Pens Papers#10

Happy Inktober!

Happy Inktober! Save on shipping all month! Spend $50 or more on ink, or ink along with other items and get FREE US Shipping! Choose from our nine brands of Ink-Oster/Herbin/Aurora/Montegrappa/Monteverde/Herbin/Noodlers/Platinum/Lamy!

September News!

Posted by Federalist Frank on 9/9/2017 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers#9


As I write this, I am thinking that once again I am wishing Pen Pals (and now loved ones) a safe weekend! A couple weeks ago, it was Harvey in Texas- now we have Irma in Florida! I have family on the East Coast of the peninsula, and worried for them as well! Everyone should try to be as safe as possible! This includes heeding evacuation warnings (Yes- you can replace your pen pen collection... but not you/loved ones!)

Be safe this weekend! 
Best wishes to all!


August News!

Posted by Federalist Frank on 8/14/2017 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers #8

DC Show/ New Products/ Oster Anniversary/ Year Three for Fed Pens!


The DC Pen Show began year three at Federalist Pens! July marked our two year point, and we celebrated once again with an Anniversary Sale all month long! We also marked Robert Oster Inks' one year anniversary in the US! To mark Federalist Pen's debut of Oster Inks to the US market, Robert and I collaborated to bring "Frankly Blue" to the show! Our custom ink debuted at DC with much success! Look for a review of this great teal (Blue/Green) color from popular ink bloggers soon!

July Update (Happy Anniversary Fed Pens!)

Posted by Federalist Frank on 7/7/2017 to News

Federalist Pens Papers#7

Happy Anniversary Fed Pens!
It's been two years already since we started Federalist Pens! It's hard to believe that it has been that long already! I have come a long way since the forum days of selling vintage items to fund the hobby that I love! The hobby that I still share with you, even as a retailer! The support has been great, and we have acquired several great brands over the past year!

For pen brands- we have added Bexley, Aurora, and Montegrappa to the family! In ink, we took a chance, and added Robert Oster Inks to the line up exactly a year ago this month! Robert asked me to carry the products last July thru social media, and I agreed to be the first US Dealer! We debuted them at last year's DC Pen Show! Now- Oster Signature Inks has 6 US Dealers, and 80 different colors! It sounds funny to say all this now, but Oster Inks were new to the pen community. Robert has accomplished all of his success in less than two years!

We took on sponsorship opportunities this year as well! I have become a regular sponsor for the "Well Appointed Desk". Ana actually purchased the first Robert Oster bottle from me at last year's DC Show (she actually waited for me to unpack the Oster Products...), and she did the review of Robert Oster "Aqua" not too long afterward. Thanks to great reviews such as that, Oster Inks have really taken off! I also donated both an Aurora Pen (Inkdependence), and a Bexley Pen (The Pen Addict) for reviews. These pens were given away as my way of "Paying it Forward"! Look for more review/giveaways and sponsorship opportunities in the future!

June Update

Posted by Federalist Frank on 6/11/2017 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers#6

An Incredible Month!

What an incredible month it has been! We had a great show down in Raleigh, we gave away ink at our local pen club meeting, and donated TWO PENS this month for giveaways at pen review sites! Next Month, we are celebrating our second anniversary at Federalist Pens!

About 3 weeks ago, we attended our local pen club meeting (Philadelphia Pen Collectors Group) hosted by "The Pelikan's Perch". Josh is known in the pen community for his knowledge, and extraordinary collection of modern Pelikan Pens! We helped in this event by providing attendees a sample of the new Edelstein "Smoky Quartz" Ink!

May Update

Posted by Federalist Frank on 5/15/2017 to News

Federalist Pens Papers #5

What a month it has been!

It has been quite a month since my last newsletter. I try to get these out as early as possible in the month, but school work and life can get in the way ! In this issue- News of new products, New brands for Federalist Pens, A new DC Show location, And the loss of a dear Pen Friend....

It is with sorrow that I inform you of the death of Susan Wirth. Susan was a BIG personality at pen shows for years (30+ that I am aware). Found in the back wall of the room with her signs, pens, helpers, and HER to help people pick the best pen for them- and write better!
Her presence will be sorely missed at future pen shows. A memorial is planned for the upcoming DC Show in August.

April Update

Posted by Federalist Frank on 4/11/2017 to News

Federalist Pens Papers#4

Get Thee to a Pen Show!

You have never been to a pen show?? You are missing out on an important aspect of our hobby! Pen shows are a chance to sample products, learn about the latest pens/brands, and the opportunity to mingle with "Pen Pals"!

We are in the prime time season of pen shows- especially on the East Coast! The Long Island (NY) Show has just passed, and Atlanta is later this month! I am fortunate that the region I reside in afforded me the opportunity to visit as many as four pen shows (Philly/Baltimore/LI/DC) per year. This opportunity to sample products, network, and sell vintage for several years inspired me to open Federalist Pens. I now go to most East Coast Pen Shows (as my teaching schedule allows me too), and sell new products as an authorized retailer! You can sample the products we offer at our tables!

March Update

Posted by Federalist Frank on 3/14/2017 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers #3

 Who is Federalist Frank??

Recognize this picture? It was my avatar on most pen forums for years.. (This pic was from a pen club meet/show at some point). It was seen on FPN, FPG, FPC, and The Fountain Pen Community. This was the forum that I ran for several years before I decided to close it to new posts (cost saving measure). "The Community" also lives on as well in the Facebook and Linked-IN Group pages that I manage! 

I was Frank (or FrankieX) on pen forums for a good decade or so.. I sold vintage pens on the forums, and on eBay. Around 2014, I decided that I wanted to get into the retail end of pens, and sell new along with vintage items. I did very little activity on the forums between mid 2014-15 to get ready for my store "Launch" (Never let anyone tell you that starting/running an on-line store is easy...).

This is my second full year as a pen retailer, and the hard work is paying off! Many pen forum vets knew me, and my good deals from my vintage days (Frank's BOGO Sale/etc....). The transition to selling new has been challenging at times, but the word is out, and we are growing!

Yes- I may be new in the dealer circle, but not to pen collecting and pen selling! 
Yes- It is also true that I still teach/tutor students daily (2 PT position(s)...)

The fact that I do not rely on revenue from Fed Pens is actually an advantage to you- I like passing my savings on to my customers! But do not mistake my busy schedule with a lack of concern for you- customer service is always a priority! 

Speaking to you as a fellow collector/user- you can expect great service, great products, and a no-nonsense, no questions 30-day guarantee on these products! I also offer some of the lowest prices among authorized US dealers. Shop with confidence at Federalist Pens! (Find it cheaper?? Let me know!- I may just beat it!)
Happy Collecting! 
Federalist Frank

February Update

Posted by Federalist Frank on 2/6/2017 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers #2

Greetings from Federalist Frank! What a great first quarter in pen collecting! A lot of
new products from your favorite brands! Conklin Pens has introduced 4 new models this quarter! Taccia Pens has the new Pinnacle and Spectrum Models! More details in the "New Pens" Section..

More news- we are going to be hosting a special event this month on February 25th. We will be hosting a Lamy/Filofax Event (Show) at our local Dave and Busters' in Philadelphia! Our regional Lamy Rep will be joining us to demonstrate products, and support us with sales/orders. Join us for fun, games, and pens if in the region! Email us at to RSVP/reserve seating!

Baltimore Pen Show is coming next month March 3-5! See below for details!

Lamy/Filofax Event 2/25/17- Federalist Pens

Posted by Federalist Frank on 2/5/2017 to News

The Lamy/Filofax Event! 

Hosted by Federalist Pens and Paper 

Saturday, February 25th


Dave and Busters

NE Philadelphia

(Franklin Mills Mall)

Happy New Year! New Newsletter!

Posted by Federalist Frank on 1/5/2017 to News
Happy New Year!

Here's to another exciting new year of pen pals and great deals! I hope the new year brings health and luck to you and yours!
Click below for the first issue of my new newsletter! I have copied it here for your reading enjoyment (Customers also get to see our newsletters by direct email)!
Looking forward to the new products we will carry this year, as well as upcoming pen shows! Join us in Philly next weekend at our "Home Show"!

Federalist Frank

Holiday Sale!

Posted by Federalist Frank on 12/3/2016 to News

Season’s Greetings from Federalist Pens! 

Holiday Sale 2016

 Store Wide sale going on now, thru December 31st !

Save an additional 20% Off with Coupon Code “Holidays” at Checkout!

November Update/Report

Posted by Federalist Frank on 11/22/2016 to News
Greetings from The Federalist!

What a great November it has been for Federalist Pens!
(Read full Blog for more....)


Black Friday/Small Bizz/Cyber Monday! Coming this weekend!

We are again having a store-wide sale this coming weekend! Save 20% or more on all orders of $20 and up this weekend! From Black Friday 11/25 thru Cyber Monday 11/28, save on pen, paper, storage and ink products! Free US Shipping on orders of $99 or more!
I am the store- manager, webmaster, billing rep, shipper, blogger, sales rep (my brother at pen shows too..), customer service rep! ;-)
 Shop small business (Saturday) and local with Fed Pens! 

Looking forward to seeing you at the next pen show in Philly- our "Home Show" in January!

Thank You!
Federalist Frank

November Update

Posted by Federalist Frank on 11/2/2016 to News
Greetings from Federalist Frank!

Fountain Pen Day is celebrated every first Friday in November!
Now in its fourth year, FPD is this Friday, November 4th!
Purchase from the site between November 4th to November 6th (Fri-Sun), and save an additional 10% off our already low prices!
Applies to all purchases of $20 or more- discount is applied automatically at Checkout!
Free US shipping on all orders of $99 or more! (US residents only)
International orders welcome! USPS Priority International rates calculated at Checkout!

We are hosting a Philly Pen Club "Brunch" on Saturday (11/5/16) in Cherry Hill, NJ to help celebrate FPD!
Come join us for coffee, tea, danish, pens and ink! We will be featuring items from Lamy, Pelikan, and Robert Oster Inks!
Earthdawn (Cary-FPD Sponsor) has provided us FPD "Swag" to give away this weekend! Join us to browse, buy, chat, and eat!!

We will also be attending the Ohio Pen Show 11/11-11/13 next weekend! This is our second Ohio Show! The show has an emphasis on vintage items, but new pens are also welcome! ....Good thing we feature both new and vintage pens! ;-)

October Update

Posted by Federalist Frank on 10/23/2016 to News
Greetings from The Federalist! (Federalist Pens)

The end of the year is approaching, but the time for pen collecting is at it's yearly high point!
Fountain Pen Day is approaching on November 4th!
Celebrated worldwide every first Friday in November, most of your favorite pen stores sponsor this event with a discount.
Federalist Pens is happy to be included in this event (again), by offering an additional 10% off all purchases of $20 or more!
This is on top of our daily discounts! Don't forget our free US shipping on orders of $99 or more!
Last year, we extended this discount all weekend, and intend to do the same this year as well!

We are also sponsoring a "Brunch" thru The Philadelphia Pen Collectors Group that weekend!
Philly/Del/North and South Jersey Pen Pals are welcome to join us Saturday, November 5th at the Cherry Hill, NJ Panera Bread.
We will be featuring products from Lamy (50th An.), Pelikan, Venvstas, and Robert Oster Inks!
(see more on our Facebook page-  )

The Ohio Pen Show is also in November- November 11-13 at the Crowne Plaza Dublin, Ohio. This is one of the larger shows in the pen show "circuit".
Looking forward to our second year at that show!
(We are away 11/10-11/14 due to travel- order processing will be delayed- apologies in advance!) 

Continue to look for our "Deal of The Day" at our online store!
These extra discounts generally run for two days starting at Noon EST
(I find this an easy time to manage given my teaching schedule!)  ;-)

I have solved the issue at the site regarding International Shipping...
I had asked customers to contact me regarding costs in the past, but have now solved that issue with the help of my web store host.
USPS International Priority Shipping will now be calculated automatically at Checkout.
Given our low prices, you can still have item shipped worldwide without paying list price for higher end pens! ;-)

Federalist Frank
Federalist Pens and Paper

August Update

Posted by Federalist Frank on 8/24/2016 to News

August is coming to a close, and I just came back from a much needed vacation! I spent a week in Maine, after the DC Pen Show, getting ready for another school year.
I had never been to Maine before; It is a beautiful state with rocky coast lines, and beautiful shores! You can see some of the pics on our Instagram Page! (Federalist Pens)

This was the second pen show in DC, and it marked the beginning of our second year selling new pens as a retailer! It has been a very exciting, and fun year! This was/is a hobby which I like very much! It is very rewarding to see it turn into an exciting business venture. Some have said jokingly that I look like I am "having too much fun" at pen shows and such. The truth is, I AM having fun! Buying/collecting/selling pens is still exciting to me! Giving fellow pen enthusiasts a good deal, and sharing knowledge and interest is part of what makes this hobby great!

Happy Anniversary Fed Pens!!

Posted by Federalist Frank on 7/2/2016 to News

It's hard to believe a year has gone by already since the online store went "live"! Time sure goes by fast- Not to mention the months that were spent preparing the site to "open"!
Thank you for your business, and support over the past year!

We are Celebrating our one year anniversary all month long!
Enjoy an additional 10% discount on all purchases of $20 or more!
Discount automatically applied at checkout!
Discount applies to our "Deal of The Day" as well!

Federalist Pens- May Update!

Posted by Federalist Frank on 5/22/2016 to News

Greetings from The Federalist (Paper/Pen Blog)!

New Products this Year:
(Available Now)

- J. Herbin Inks/Pens
- Clairefontaine Notebooks/Coloring Books

- Napkin Forever Products
- Pelikan Pens

- Diplomat Pens
- Venvstas Paris Pens

- Regal Pens

March Update!

Posted by Federalist Frank on 3/31/2016 to News
Greetings from The Federalist!

We had two great pen shows in March- Both the Baltimore Show, and The Long Island Show were a success! A lot of pen pals traveled from all around the NE to come to these shows.
The Storm in Philly back in January kept many people at home, and many were hungry for good deals on pens, ink, and paper!

Lamy Pens has many new colors out/coming out in the near future! Pictured here is the LE "Charged Green" Al-Star Pen. There is a matching ink as well! Come see them at the site, and the Atlanta Pen Show in April! Also coming in April is the much anticipated Lamy Safari in the "Dark Lilac" color! Lamy USA has informed me that these pens will not be shipped until April 15th. I do not do pre-orders- so pens will be sold on a first come/first serve basis when they are in stock! I was hoping they would be in for the Atlanta Show! Also coming in the near future is the return of the Al-Star in Blue-Green (Think Teal!).

I am also in talks with the owner of Venvstas Pens,
About bringing his product to the US thru Federalist Pens! I took both this pen, and the Carbon T to both shows in March as a sample. There was a lot of interest, and some wanted to buy the samples! We answered questions, and handed out brochures for Venvstas Products. The Case in the above pic is Carbon Fiber! I will be ordering pen cases as well to sell separately! Stay tuned for more information on these great pens!

I am also preparing to add another BIG Pen maker to the Federalist Family- more on this in the near future!!
Earn Rewards!