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The Federalist Pens Papers#17

Posted by Federalist Frank on 5/20/2018 to News

Onward and Upward!

WOW! Three years in already this July, and look what you have helped me accomplish! 20+ Pen Brands, 10+ Ink Brands, and 5+ Paper/Accessories! We have added Pilot, Kaweco, Pineider and Marlen Pen Brands! We have added Diamine and Iroshizuku (Pilot) Ink Brands! Got Inky Fingers? We even have Amodex Ink Stain Removal Products added to the store this year!

Looking for more? No Problem! As I write this, I am planning to switch store platforms this summer!

3DCart was a good platform at first, but my store traffic has greatly increased! Now, I am paying double/triple what I did when the store first opened! I am looking at more “friendly” platforms. Look for a whole new store “Look” this summer!

Speaking of store: I am also looking into Pop-Up/Temporary Store opportunities! Philly Area Pen Pals have been hungry for a B&M Store for a while. The success of my venture will greatly determine whether I take the risk to open a permanent physical store! Stay Tuned!

Pen Reviews

We have Fed Pens sponsored reviews and giveaways going on this month!

-Pensplaining: Right now is a very timely “Royal Wedding” between the Regal Pens “Alice” and “Edward” Editions! Join, and choose your “aisle” for a chance to win one of these pens!


-Pengeek13: Eric has already done previous reviews. Last month, I sponsored the Noodler’s Boston Safety Pen Giveaway! This month, The Pen Geek is reviewing Clairefontaine Coloring Books! These books are versatile, in several styles, with paper suitable for most media types (No Oil Paints). These coloring books will let you use Fountain Pen Inks- no bleeding thru!


-Inktronics Blog: Inktronics features Monteverde Tool Pens, and the New Stifflexible Notebooks! Look for the review, and giveaway on products!


New Products!

Monte Grappa Fps New Piston-Fill Fps from Montegrappa!

4 Colors in Stainless Steel or 14k Gold Nibs ($395/$695)

Lamy- New All-Black Safari Fps- Matte finish all black finish (similar to the Charcoal/Umbra model) Pens- FP/BP/RB choices! EF-B Nibs available!

All for now Pen Pals! Stay Tuned!


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