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The Federalist Pens Papers#15

Posted by Federalist Frank on 3/11/2018 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers#15

Shop Online- Save Money!

There is nothing wrong with going to a Brick & Mortar (B&M) Store. Many dealers have started B&M, and are staying that way. Some have closed their stores in order to go online only. Many modern stores (such as my eCommerce Store) have started online, and intend to remain an online presence. There are a lot of advantages to keeping overhead low by remaining an eCommerce venture (no physical showroom). 

Cost savings is a big factor in remaining an online-only retail store. The lack of utility bills, and monthly lease payments is a BIG factor. Online dealers should offer you the best price and value based on their lower monthly expenses. We all buy the same products, from the same US Distributors. We have reached a working business agreement with these distributors. It is the reason we all use the phrase- "Authorized Dealer".

That being said- it is easy to see why these pen dealers, like me, are successful. Monies spent on overhead elsewhere can be spent on buying more products! In regard to mutual brands, and products that I sell- I will beat any authorized dealers' advertised price on their legitimate(Official) website! I have posted this in previous blogs, and will continue to stand behind this statement. People come to my tables at pen shows- skeptical because of low prices; skeptical because of seeing products in both marketing displays and in their pen boxes! YES- we are an authorized dealer. YES- the products are new. YES- you get the Box and Paperwork/Warranty for your product (AT THE SHOW!).

This is my third full year as a pen and products retailer. Before that, I was(AM) a collector/user/lover of FPs for a decade (actually a fan of  BP/RB pens my entire life, but only the last 15 years or so as a fan of fountain pens) as Frank, or "FrankieX" on some pen forums! I had also attended the Philly Pen Show in the past as a weekend vendor/trader with vintage items. My knowledge of pens and related products is available to anyone whom asks me of it- FREE of charge! You can email, message, or call me toll-free! I am also known to recommend other dealers when I CANNOT HELP YOU! I am not paid (nor compensated in any manner) for my online blogs, comments, or posts. 
I do not have a team to boost my online presence, or my posts. I am the individual who posts comments, compliments, suggestions, etc... I am the store! (On this note- BIG SHOUT OUT to my Brother, Dad, and (Fiancee) Nadine who frequent pen shows with me, help out, and are a big reason for my success!)

Shop Online! Shop Here! Save Money!  Frank

New Pen Magazine- Penthusiast!

There is a new magazine for pen enthusiasts- Penthusiast! A magazine for pens, writers, and the writing lifestyle! There have been articles on paper, dealers, shows, and products (among other things- even typewriters!). We have embraced this fellow NJ venture, and have advertised in their new advertising section! Look for my ad, and discount code, that accompanies it! Penthusiast joins "Pen World" and "The Fountain Pen Journal" as published sources for Pen Pals (the latter I also advertise in)! 

New Products!

Aurora Pens-
The latest color in the Minerali (88 Demo) SE Pen Collection is the Ambra (Amber/Orange) model. Stunning orange trim is featured on this 88 style Demo FP! Available in 6 nib sizes (EF-Italic) in 18k Gold! Pens list for $795- buy from The Federalist for $650! The Green (Diopside) Model is still available for purchase as well!
The latest 88 LE Model is the Urano! This "Cloud Blue" colored FP is an addition to the 88 Sigaro and the 88 Nebulosa Collection! You can Pre-Order this beauty now by contacting me.. $895 List (Call/Email for Price)

Pelikan Pens-

This year is Pelikan's 180 Anniversary (As an Ink/Pencil Company- making pens for nearly half of them!),and there are many new products coming this year to mark the occasion! Shown below is the new M120 Iconic Blue FP! This addition to the "Historical" Line will come either as pen only, or in a kit with Pelikan Blue in a Retro Style Label (List $235/$265 respectively- Buy for $190/$220!)

Also coming this year is another M600 White Demo FP with TURQUOISE trim this edition!
This pen will have Turquoise stripes (as opposed to the white striped M605- still in stock at Fed Pens!)
This pen will be $25 higher than the M605 White Demo- at $500 List (Pre-Order for $400- Contact Us!) 

Coming up in the Next Newsletter- Papers#16

-Long Island Pen Show (Attending/This is the NY Show!)
-New Product/Brand Announcements- Another Major Brand coming to my store later in March!

Frank- Federalist Pens

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