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Pelikan M205 Demo FP Collection
M205 Aquamarine

Pelikan M205 Demo FP Collection

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All Models in Stock! Please contact us about ordering either the Roller Ball, or Ball Point Pens for all colors!

Classic 205 Aquamarine – Stunning Blue-Green like a deep ocean

The latest Edelstein® Ink of the Year 2016 Aquamarine inspired Pelikan to create again a matching special edition in this fascinating color. A mix of deep Blue-Green, creates summer feeling of beach, ocean and never ending sky. Pelikan has developed an extraordinary material composition. It gives the color a certain depth and smooth intensity, and still allows a glimpse into the inner parts.

The series M205 will be offered as a fountain pen with differential piston mechanism and a ballpen, both with silvercolored design elements as clip and rings. The nib of the fountain pen M205 has a shiny-silver, polished stainless steel nib. Depending on individual handwriting it is available in nib width EF, F, M and B.

For a total color flash for Aquamarine lovers, Pelikan offers a set of M205 together with an Ink bottle Edelstein® Ink of the Year 2016.

It´s all about Aquamarine.

Classic M205 Blue Demo

Pelikan experts will recognize this Special Edition as one of the most popular models that was launched five years ago. As it was so much in demand, we have now decided to do a re-launch for a limited period of time. Starting in April 2016, the M205 Demonstrator transparent blue will be available again with just one change: the ring at the top of the cap will be chromium plated, just like the clip and the rings (in the past model, it was black). However, the high-quality resin in the beautiful transparent blue will remain the same, allowing a tantalizing glimpse into the inner workings of the piston fountain pen. This model is equipped with a highly polished stainless steel nib that‘s available in the sizes EF, F, M, and B.

CLASSIC M205 Amethyst

For the first time ever, Pelikan launches a Special Edition that matches the color of Edelstein® Ink of the year. The beautiful color Amethyst is an intensive lilac shade combined with a semi-transparent frosted effect that makes these writing instruments unique. This especially developed material combination gives the color an amazing depth, but still allows a glimpse into the inner parts.

The series 205 is available as fountain pen and ball pen with a shiny silver-colored clip and rings. The fountain pen has a polished stainless steel nib. The nib widths EF, F, M, B cover a broad range of individual handwritings.

For a „top to toe“ Amethyst impression you should match the Edelstein Ink of the year Amethyst with the fountain pen and choose the elegant set.

It’s all about Amethyst.

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