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October Update!

Posted by on 10/13/2017 to News
The Federalist Pens Papers#10

Happy Inktober!

Happy Inktober! Save on shipping all month! Spend $50 or more on ink, or ink along with other items and get FREE US Shipping! Choose from our nine brands of Ink-Oster/Herbin/Aurora/Montegrappa/Monteverde/Herbin/Noodlers/Platinum/Lamy!

New Products from Pelikan!

First, is the M605 White Demo FP ($475 List) available in October, and under this pen is the M805 Ocean Swirl FP ($650 List). Did you notice that the MSRP for both of these pens are much less that the prices for previous models? It seems that Pelikan USA (Chartpak) is willing to be more competitive with pricing structure. This makes dealers like me quite happy!

Of Course, you can expect a nice discount from Fed Pens! Pre-Order either of these gorgeous pens for more than 20% off list now! Speaking of deals, I am very proud to mention that Pelikan USA recognizes yours truly as their Philly Region pen dealer. A customer the other day told me that Chartpak set them to me after calling them directly!

The last picture here is from the Philadelphia Pelikan Hub- hosted by Dr. Josh D (The Pelikan's Perch). Federalist Pens was there to donate a StolaIII FP to one lucky attendee. Shown is Marie, who went home with her prize! If you have not tried a StolaIII, you are missing out on a very nice EDC Workhorse Pen! ($50 list/Medium Point Nib)

Oster Frankly Blue Info/Reviews

Robert Oster Frankly Blue continues to impress fans of Oster Inks. I was very happy to take a chance in July 2016 (happy that Rob felt the same way!), and carry Oster Inks. I was the first US Dealer, and we debuted Oster Inks at the 2016 DC Pen Show. Ana Reinert (Well Appointed Desk) was the first cutomer to buy ink (She waited for me to unpack it.. Aqua Color), and the rest is history! Now, Oster has about 10 US Dealers (4 in Jersey alone as of this writing), and about 90 colors to choose from! Frankly Blue started as a Fed Pens exclusive with a gold cap and label to mark the anniversary (A must for Oster Collectors!). 

Other dealers now carry my color with the standard black cap and label! Both Well Appointed Desk, and Mountain Of Ink have done a recent review of this great color! (Both can be found on Facebook Links). The color is Frankly Awesome! 

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