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Federalist Pens Papers#18

Posted by Federalist Frank on 6/27/2018 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers#18

NEW Platform Coming Soon!

When I first decided to become a retailer, and start this store three years ago, monthly fees and price were a big concern! As you should recall (especially if you knew me when...), Fees and hassles were a big factor in my decision to stop selling (then vintage pens) only on the "big board", and the "bay". My teaching of history, and love of the subject, is why I chose the name of "Federalist Pens". "Federalist Frank" started as a joke in response to the "big social board" request (demand) that I create a personal page. I was not allowed to only have a business profile presence- even though me, and other fellow retailers pay them monthly to "boost" some of our posts (Yes- this is how they pay bills people..). Now, that handle is synonymous with the store itself! I'm a marketing genius- LOL!

So, three years later (year 4 as far as the IRS is concerned/ask your accountant!)- we are doing quite well, and my traffic is exceeding my accepted monthly rate! My current web platform was good for a start, but I am now paying over $50 per month to host it! This is twice the amount I should be paying- It was time to shop! After consulting a fellow pen retailer, and seeing some of the options out there, I decided to switch to the Shopify Platform! A nice flat rate- no overages for traffic, nor products! I anticipate the "One Man Pen Store" of being able to complete the migration in about 3-4 weeks. It will definitely be in July, as I do not wish to continue paying for two platforms any longer that necessary! 

I already know that Shopify is a much friendlier platform! Even the back office is much easier to use! It has a very friendly mobile platform, and Shopify even hosts it's own secure checkout! I will also continue to accept PayPal and Amazon Pay at Checkout! You can still shop on my current platform- I have no intention of keeping the store "off-line"! Contact me regarding the latest products from our brands (the less updating I do here at 3DCart also results in less "Migration" fees), so you can take advantage of stock and discounts on those products! 
Stay tuned for an announcement- a "Grand Re-Opening" of Federalist Pens!

Thank You!
Frank- Federalist Pens

Pen Shows- Summer 2018!

I will be going to a total of 3 Pen Shows this summer- two for the first time! In July, I will be going to the Miami Pen Show! We will have 4 tables setup in the ballroom! I will have Pens, Paper, and Ink at this show! We will be back in the small ballroom at the DC Super Show in August! This was a great location, and a great venue! I am anticipating a much smoother start to this year's show! Look for my (4) tables there as well!

I am also going to the San Francisco Pen Show in August! Like Miami, this will be my first show there! To keep my travel expenses reasonable, I will be bringing pens only to this event (Ok- refills and Oster Inks as well!). I have 2 tables in the ballroom at this event! 

More Info:

NEW Ink Products!

This is the latest color in the J.Herbin SE Inks- Jacques Herbin 1789 Cornaline d'Egypte. This ("Egyptian Orange") ink is scheduled to hit stores next month! A dark-orange is EXACTLY what Herbin Inks needs in their Anniversary/SE Ink Series! Look for bottles and samples from Fed Pens soon! (Silver Sheen/Flakes in this color)

Also anticipated next month, is the long awaited Edelstein Olivine. I mentioned this in the last newsletter! My Chartpak Rep also mentioned a pen in the pipeline, but could not say what model it would be (Hoping it will be a nice M200 in gold trim!).     

I will also be welcoming Kaweco Inks to our ink products line! I debuted Kaweco Pens earlier this year! We will now feature 12 Ink Brands in the store! 

All for now Pen Pals! Looking forward to sending you the next newsletter from my NEW Shopify Platform! Frank

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