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February Update

Posted by Federalist Frank on 2/6/2017 to News

The Federalist Pens Papers #2

Greetings from Federalist Frank! What a great first quarter in pen collecting! A lot of
new products from your favorite brands! Conklin Pens has introduced 4 new models this quarter! Taccia Pens has the new Pinnacle and Spectrum Models! More details in the "New Pens" Section..

More news- we are going to be hosting a special event this month on February 25th. We will be hosting a Lamy/Filofax Event (Show) at our local Dave and Busters' in Philadelphia! Our regional Lamy Rep will be joining us to demonstrate products, and support us with sales/orders. Join us for fun, games, and pens if in the region! Email us at to RSVP/reserve seating!

Baltimore Pen Show is coming next month March 3-5! See below for details!

The Lamy/Filofax Event! 
Hosted by Federalist Pens and Paper 
Saturday, February 25th

Dave and Busters
NE Philadelphia
(Franklin Mills Mall)
Join us for food, fun, games, and pens!

Our regional Lamy/Filofax Representative (Blueline/Rediform) will be joining us to demonstrate the latest and favorite products from your favorite brand(s)! You can order and purchase products right there at the event! Family fun with complimentary D&B games, food and soft drinks! 

Conveniently located near routes 95 & 1, PA & NJ Turnpikes! PA/NJ/NY Pen Pals Welcome! 

Questions? Email, or Call 866-746-4900


Taccia-  Taccia Pens has released two new pen models- with Japanese Nibs! The models are Pinnacle (Above Left Pic), an all-aluminum pen with nice weight and balance! This model comes with an optional MUSIC Nib! The Spectrum Model (Above Right Pic) is a Demo model from Taccia. Three nice colors, and the Japanese Nibs in F/M/B (Sailor Nibs). Both models do accept Sailor Ink Cartridges/Converters (Provided).

Conklin- Conklin Pens are releasing 4 new models this quarter! The "Herringbone" Model is now available! The name may be familiar, but this is an all-new model! 
Available in 3 colors/3 Nib Choices! (Below Pic).
The larger pic below is the new Victory Model. Very reminiscent of that "Streamline" Model we all love from the 1940's! Shown is the very nice "Cinnamon" Color 
(3 Colors/3 Nib Choices).  Not shown is the new Minigraph, and Stylograph Models. Also soon to be released with 3 colors each, and nib choices!          


Lastly, but NOT least, is our next pen show- The BWI International Pen Show! This is the "Other" DC Area Pen Show! The show is at the BWI Westin Hotel- March 3-5th. This is a new venue for this event! The show is growing every year! Come visit our tables, see the above new products, and others! Open to the public all three days!

Next "Papers" Release in March!

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